Thursday, April 2, 2009

Etsy Slow Food Gift Guide

So this week I have been part of one of Etsy's Gift Guide: one on Slow Food, which has prompted a little slow food of my own. I do love to cook and more recently have found a fabulous Banana Bread recipe that cut my butter content in half from the previous recipe I was using! Butter is pretty pricey these days... Also made a killer homemade Mac & Cheese using wholewheat macaroni noodles, Armstrong's Marble Cheese and some Turkey pepperoni. It was even better day 2! And I started on the garden, putting some little pots with Tomatoe seeds by the window to kick start my growing season! We have a little plot in the back of our yard that we use for gardening a little lettuce, beans and peas, carrots and some potatoes. My tomatoes always seem to get a little on the blighty side though, they never have enough time in the sun.
In other news (I was going to write down my new banana recipe but can't find it at the moment, so I'll save it for another time), I'm off to ship a beautiful Teapot and 2 mugs to Inuvik!! Crazy cool! Crazy cold too. We're just looking at the city on google maps- it's really far north! Anyways, better get this package off as it need to arrive by the end of the month!

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