Saturday, March 7, 2009

Me? A blogland winner!!

I'm so thrilled! SOOOO thrilled to be the new recipient of an ABC/123 print by the Sycamore Street Press! Did I tell you how excited I am? I don't often win things. And I have never won a hand-pulled georgeous print before in my life! A microwave, yes. I won a microwave when I was 16 - my mom had entered me in a contest just to see if someone from our family could win the microwave she was wanting. And I won it. But a hand-pulled print... sooo beautiful! The choice of which colour combo to choose was tricky, I have to admit! I love the red/water one a lot. But I have 2 boys and the red/water one is a little more feminine. I went for the tangerine/charcoal one above- I will love it for years to come, even as my boys get bigger.
What more can I say- a plug on Eva's blog, a free ABC/123 print- it's a great day! Thank You Eva!

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Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

you're so excited about it, it's made my day as well! thanks heather!