Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is on it's way!

With a nod to St Paddy's day and some green bowls with squares down 3 sides from last spring, I am busily getting ready for the next Portobello West Market, happening March 28-29th at the Rocky Mountaineering Station. I just finished a glaze firing and put in another large load for the bisque firing today and I'm feeling confident that I'm nearly ready to start on my spring shows!
I always get really inspired during spring with the beautiful colours of flowers and the green leaves pocking through and it definitely comes out in my work. Tomorrow's post will have pictures of more current work, including a couple of pictures of my new vases which are starting to come along. If you know anything about clay, you know that the minute you change clay bodies, there are a whole new set of rules for what glazes will work or not. So I'm in the beginning stage of working out those kinks and the results are hopeful!
Otherwise, I am still feeling a little sluggish around 4:30 every day because of some late shifts at the studio along with a late-night concert on Saturday night that was amazing! I went to the opening of the Hermit's CD launch: Turn-Up (the art) which was really great! I thought the band was solid- and I loved the additions of the trombone, the string section, the Marimba (?)! Anyways, a great concert and great art (of course I was slightly biased in this regard) made for a great evening!

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