Monday, March 16, 2009

New work from down home amy

I had tea with Amy on friday at her new(ish) downtown studio and had to take some pictures of some of the new things she is making for the home these days! I use one of her lunch bags daily and she recently came up with a bigger version, above, with the really cute tree silkscreened on it. All the pattern designs and silkscreens are her own- based on her amazing drawings! I adore these new little baggies she's making for the up-coming Blim Market. Instead of using a ziplock bag, why not use one of these, washing it clean when it gets dirty. Perfect for the kids and their snacks too as they stand up on their own. Velcro top holds everything inside- so it would be perfect for cereal snacks, veggies, etc. See more of her work on her etsy site here.

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