Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Vancouver Etsy Wishlist...

I love to see the local talent from Vancouver appearing on Etsy! It's very inspiring to find things I love on etsy that actually come from 'my hometown'! It makes me want to get us all together and have a little face to face, etsy vancouver team or something! Plus I really want to do some shopping and it almost feels funny to buy something on line when I could technically find them in the city and buy it directly from them.
Here are some of my latest Vancouverite finds and favourites:
Mary Jane house shoes- How great are these, they no longer come in this colour, but I love them, by Elephant and Chick Pea.
Brand-new to etsy: Salal Knits, with a beautiful knitted beret! When I saw this image (on Modish this morning) I immediately thought- that looks like Vancouver, and sure enough...
I love Noei's fabrics and am looking forward to seeing her at Portobello West Market June-August! I especially love her ginko leaf fabric that she designed and had manufactured in Japan before coming to Vancouver!
I met Colleen Baran at a local market, but first found her on etsy! I love the earrings I bought from her then, and am quite smitten with the 3 ring set above.

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