Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finding dahlhaus...

It seems that I finally made the front page of etsy on Wednesday night sometime! I just found out through Craft Cult, which has a 'vault' of past etsy front-pages, super handy for those of us who can't figure out why they got so many 'hearts' and 'hits' over a few days...:)
I also was featured on another great site called Design is Mine where they had me on their Etsy finds for the Week article (image above)! Cool blog with some beautiful photography!
So it seems my work is slowly getting out there in internet land!


Sandy said...

That's really great Heather! Glad to see your work is getting more and more interest!

Ella said...

hey those are my bunting flags. i'm perusing your blog finding lots of great things. i sure didn't expect to find this.