Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Weekend in Toronto

Well I'm off to Toronto tomorrow for a quick weekend trip- just me, on my own.  It's going to be a great trip and a hard trip all in one.  First off, it's a trip that's been in the works for years.  The whole reason behind the trip is that I am going to visit my great-aunt.  She was a potter for over 30 years, until about 9 years ago when a terrible illness took her zest, her vitality, and her passion from her.  It would be really sad to say that the illness just took her ability to do pottery away, but the illness also took her ability to walk and think and do away as well.  
The last time I saw my Aunt Nettie, she taught me how to throw a really large pot.  She gave me glaze recipes and wedged clay with me in my college clay class.  A few years later she shipped a second-hand wheel to me, along with a bunch of pottery books and a ton of tools. To this day I still use many of the things she sent me- tools that still have her name on them.
Recently my Aunt Nettie has been asking that I come and visit her on the same weekend as her old potter's guild show and sale.  So this coming weekend I'll be attending the Spring Sale at the Waterloo Potter's Guild on behalf of my great-aunt, who can't go herself.  I'll be staying with my dad's cousin and visiting my great-aunt for a couple of days.  It's one of those trips that will be hard and good all at the same time.
On the way to Kitchener, I'll be visiting my good friend Disa in Toronto for a couple of days!  Disa moved to Toronto last spring, and we are really looking forward to catching up.  There are a few studio-related visits and meetings going on while I'm there, so I should have lots to share when I get back.
In the meantime, thank you to those of you who have taken advantage of 15% off my Etsy shop (code SPRING SALE)! The sale is until the end of April: I have a nearly full selection of striped bottle vases in stock if you are interested in those for Mother's Day or Easter!  I'll be shipping all orders that I receive this week out when I get back on Monday, April 18.  

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Krystal said...

So glad you came to our fair city! Loved "clay geek" talking with you and chatting about the biz. xo