Monday, April 25, 2011

Teapot Throwing Demo

Throwing a Teapot from Heather Dahl on Vimeo.
A little throwing action for you today-  I rigged up my iphone in the studio the other day when I was throwing teapots.  I start with a larger amount of clay than I need and start by throwing the spout and then the lid- cutting twice so I have something to lift it off the wheel with.  Later I peel that part away and am left with a spout that I cut and attach to the body of the teapot.  I also trim a foot when the body of the teapot has firmed up after for a day or so.  You may notice that I don't measure lids and openings for my teapots.  I usually end up making a few extra lids and find ones that fit along the way.  All my teapot lids are glazed white so that I can have extras in case they break or warp or end up not fitting the way I'd like. 


Anne Magee said...

That was awesome! You are making me want to take a class again!

dahlhaus said...

Do it!!

arounna said...

great video heather
I found it relaxing to watch
your phone takes great videos

janna said...

love it!

Art talk said...

That was really watching artists at work..thanks.

Curtis Hildebrand said...

Nice work Heather. So professional.

Anonymous said...

Hello Heather

thank you for sharing your video - very inspiring!

Your name sounds scandinavian?!

Greetings, Tonje Waaktaar Gamst (norwegian hobby ceramic)