Thursday, April 7, 2011

the Barbee's

Barbee Dahl Boys: Ages 4, 6 & 8

Oh yes, and we can't get away without a silly shot...
The one little excursion we took as a family while in L.A. was to visit our friends Ray and Stefanie.  Ray Barbee is a professional skateboarder, musician and now photographer- his wife Stefanie is equally talented as a teacher in an inner city LA school and is an amazing mom to their 2 boys.  We got to know Ray about 10 years ago when he came up as a Pro for an early Skate Camp that my husband Dean started.  Ray has such an amazing ability to weave his art with his life in the best possible way.  He was showing us some of his photographs- all in black & white film, which he develops in a college dark room.  I'm looking forward to seeing where his art takes him, considering the success of his skateboarding and music career so far.  You don't often meet someone who has his hands in so many things and can do them all so well- pretty inspiring! Check out his music video- he plays all the parts. 

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