Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my boys

I missed my boys while I was away!  I needed a break from family life and it was lovely to do things without worrying about feeding the kids or planning my day around them, but they are part of my heart and I'm not the same without them.  I got home to Dean being away (I'm so thankful that my dad helped me out yesterday!) so it's been a bit of a jolt to come home.
It's taking me a bit to get back to normal posts here.  Things in the studio are a little crazy with 3 large wholesale orders that need to be started this week- one being a new retailer that I'm so thrilled to be making work for.  More on that in a little bit... in the meantime, thank you to so many of you who have ordered work from me during my 'spring sale' this month!


Janna said...

I'm so curious. Is it Anthropologie? I know you can't tell me:)

whoever it is congrats!

amy h said...

What a lovely family photo!

I just received my "spring sale" mug in the mail. Thank you! I love it.