Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A studio visit: Lisa Ochowycz

One of the big advantages to being part of a building full of artist studios is that you meet the most amazing artists who soon become good friends.  Lisa Ochowycz happens to be one of those people, a great painter, passionate about her work, super inspiring to talk to with an immediate connection that I find so warm and welcoming.  So we've had some lovely studio chats over the past couple of weeks. Mostly chatting about our work, our struggles, giving each other feed-back and ideas that can help.  There's nothing quite like a visit like that to get the year started.
Lisa spent the fall working on a series that she calls 'klein, small, little' and she recently launched an online shop to feature and sell this series of work.  It's amazing work, very evocative and emotional, at the same time, minimal and abstract.  And affordable.  Really, a great combination for someone looking to start an original art collection and not break the bank doing it.
I happen to love Lisa's studio (a wee bit of studio envy on my part, just a tad).  It's kind of a loft studio with these lovely little windows and a skylight that look out over the city.  It's the windows I love, these little glimpses of what is happening from above.

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