Monday, January 24, 2011

The Cup give-a-way goes to...

Thanks to everyone who posted on my cup give-a-way!  I added everyone up and there were a couple of repeat comments so it ended up being 53 comments to work from, which means the winner is Anne Magee! So congratulations Anne, please email me at to let me know which design you would prefer so I can glaze a cup for you over the next couple of days and have it ready to ship out to you by the end of the week! 
Thank you all again for coming by my blog- it's been really good to read some of the feed-back with recent posts I've put out there!  I appreciate the dialogues, suggestions and reminders of what this blog is about for me and value all of you for stopping by! 
Now I'm off to pick up the boys from a play-date, make them supper, work on homework with them and hopefully put my feet up after a long day at the studio! 


Anne Magee said...

Oh, wow! I am so excited!!!!! Thank you so very much! I just discovered your work through another blog... so glad I did! What you do is amazing!

Stephanie R. said...

congrats anne! lucky lucky you!