Thursday, January 27, 2011

Painting preview: Green Train Tower

I promised a little sneak peek at some of the paintings I was working on last week.  As a little preface, my current paintings deal with architecture and landscape as they pertain to memory and a sense of connection to a place.  I'm also interested in the concept of 'building' a painting's composition using the language of architecture.  Usually I find/remember a particular building, be it one I pass daily or one I've seen in my travels, and I decide to paint it.  I may use a photograph as a rough guide, but most often, I don't- I use my memory of the building to guide me along in the painting.  Thus, the final painting is a 'familiar' place that is both real and imagined.
The one above is my 'Green Train Tower' painting (about 80% finished), inspired by the train tower in the photo above that I see on my way over the bridge towards North Vancouver from the studio.  Most people driving over the bridge are too busy making sure they don't rear-end the person in front of them.  That or they are checking out the Upper Levels Hwy to make sure the traffic isn't too bad.  Me, I'm usually sneaking glances at the train tower and wondering what it looks like inside.  I also quite like the shape of it- rounded on one side, squared off on the other.  I'm slowly working on the background and haven't quite decided what kind of day I'm going to stick with.  A typical rainy day or foggy...

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