Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday reflections

It's another rainy, gray and dark friday and I'm heading to the studio to fill my world with colour!  I've been spending this week painting (!!crazy!! I know) while my pots from last week were drying out and heading into the bisque kiln.  I had a meeting early in the week with an interior designer and potential client who came to look at paintings (but ended up buying pottery) and I realized how many paintings I have that are 'half finished'.  It feels kind of good to start the year off completing ideas rather than always starting ideas, so that's what I've focused on this week.  I'll try to post some of my new paintings this coming week.

Just a couple of links and reminders:
The lovely Lisa O and her amazing painting series called 'Klein'.  I see she has some new paintings on her shop worth having a look at- LOVE the red ones, personally!

Don't forget about my give-a-way and thank you to those who commented with such encouraging remarks! I will announce the winner on monday (it will be a random draw of some sort...too hard to pick one person!)

I'm now on Pinterest, just got started and am trying to get the hang of it all.

There's been some very honest talk from other bloggers/makers out there about the direction of their blogs (phew, it's not just me!).  This post (with some really insightful comments!) is from the long thread- my go-to blog for crafts and projects to do with the boys. I think there's been such an over-saturation of blogs out there these days and people are either losing interest or just looking for the very best blogs to connect to. As someone with a pretty small and intimate kind of blog it is interesting to think of larger, more established blogs questioning their place in the blogesphere.  Should be an interesting couple of years ahead to see whether some of these blogs forge ahead...

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