Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Inspiration was needed

It's soggy outside.  Cold, wet, gray and dark.  It's no wonder I need a little colour and pattern injection in my life!  I've been a little slow on the blog front, partly because this light is so horrible to take photos in, and partly because life is just humming along with nothing too new to report (lots in the works though!) Nonetheless here's the latest:

+On a recent excursion on Commercial I popped by the vintage shop to admire all the ceramics.

+At home the boys are knee deep in class projects, math tests and snowboarding.  Naturally all of this takes some effort so we've been busy.  Who knew kids could be this much work?!?

+Our 'new' to us arborite table and chairs passed on from Dean's brother and wife this past weekend.  Dean helped them move and we got first dibs- not too shabby!  It looks rediculously cute in our yellow vintage kitchen.  Now if I could only move that light switch so I could hang artwork properly...

+At the studio I started on my first glaze firing for the new year!  I'd love to be filling it with new designs and all sorts of fun, but I'm going to have to settle on a finishing up a bunch of orders to start off with. 

That's pretty much it.  All the really exciting stuff is still in the works and can't quite be let out of the bag yet.  


Anonymous said...

Heather, The vintage ceramics you featured this week on your blog looked very familiar. I chose a little lidded casserole dish that looks like part of that same set during a Christmas "re-gift" exchange. The manufacturer's mark reads "turi-design Lotte made in Norway handpainted silkscreen". If you like these dishes as much as I do, we might talk about a trade - my vintage dish for one of your pieces?

Lois K.

Jill Ward said...

Saw your pretty quilted mugs on etsy's front page and was reminded that i haven't visited in a looooong time. i'm headed to nceca too! So close. We should chat :)