Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The wonderful world of colour

I'm a big fan of colour grouping and pairing.  In painting class my favourite thing was colour theory class where we would place colours side by side and see what would happen.  Does the colour recede or come forward?  Does it change it's tone depending on what's beside it? With that in mind, we had a little fun at my last photo-shoot with grouping my striped bottle vases together.  Putting all the Turquoise shades together, the cool colours, the bright colours, the summer colours.  It was kind of fun.
As many glazes as I have in the studio these days there are some new colours I want to work on this year.  Thankfully I seem to have the colour of the year already working for me: Tangerine Tango, a great bright orange (the orange stripes in the photo above) with red undertones.  This year, I'd like to delve into the greens a bit more.  Finding a good 'Kelly Green' stain is hard to come by, but I'm looking forward to trying.  I think I've got yellow down, my turquoise selection is quite extensive, along with the blues.  I'm not a big purple and pink fan, but perhaps I need to work on that a little more- you know, broaden my horizons a bit.  (Wouldn't a soft purple look good with the vases below?)

What colours would you like to see me use next? Any suggestions?
photos by Curtis Hildebrand

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