Friday, January 13, 2012

Have a lovely weekend

Well, my first week back in the studio for the new year started off with a rush of shop orders, but has ended on a nice quiet note.  As much as I'm so grateful (so thankful, really!!) to start the year off with this kind of business, I must admit that last year kind of tired me out and I was kind of hoping to ease into things at a bit of a slower pace.  I like to leave room in the new year for doing some planning and for other creative work too, not just ceramic orders all the time.  It's just me working on it all- I'm the maker, the shipper, the supplies picker-upper, the customer service person, the blogger, the designer, the book-keeper, the marketer, the wholesale liason, etc. etc.  Sometimes wearing all those hats, plus being at the school in time to pick up my kids 3 days out of 5 is a little overwhelming.  Nonetheless, I did make it to both pottery supplies stores yesterday to pick up all the clay I should need until summer.  The studio is stocked up with supplies and so far 12 teapots and 6 jugs got wheel-thrown and over the next couple of days they will be trimmed and assembled to then slowly dry out over a good week and a half before they can be fired.  I'll start slip-casting again next week, even though my new molds for the season won't be ready for a couple of weeks.  It's always nice to start out the season with new production molds.  Everything comes out so smooth with very little to clean up. 

Ok, time to get the kids off to school and me off to the studio.  Thanks for stopping by this week!

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