Monday, November 7, 2011

A little Island time


Living on the Island seems so ideal.  My sister and her family live in Nanaimo, but in a little secluded spot, where they can keep chickens and a couple of goats, at the end of a street where an old apple orchard used to grow, with salmon spawning in the creek on their property.  It's hard not to love the Island, although to walk across on the Ferry for our family of 4 (a not quite 2 hour ride) not including overnight parking is close to $100, so we don't go visit as often as we'd like.  Next time we visit, we are going to try to get to 'Shack Island' a little lagoon that you can venture to during very low tides where old fishing shacks from the 30's still stand.  On our trip home we saw a pod of dolphins playing in the wake of the Ferry.  By the time I got out on deck to take some photos the dophins were much farther out, but the sunset and sky nearly took my breath away.

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