Friday, November 25, 2011

Gift Guides and more!

Well I don't have any of the lovely images that my photographer shot this past week yet, but I just wanted to stop in here before the weekend to say 'hello'! It's been a busy week at the studio, with me trying to re-stock some of these lovely mugs for the One of a Kind Show coming up in a couple of weeks.  There are a number of Gift guides out there that are featuring my work and I've spent the week packing up orders and shipping them off in the midst of trying to re-stock.  It's busy and I feel like a little elf dancing around the studio trying to get it all done in time.
Speaking of which.  Ceramics takes time, so if you were thinking of putting a little dahlhaus under the tree this Christmas, please note that my last firing will most likely take place early December.  I'm not expecting to make new work late into December, because I'll be planning a special someone's birthday party, getting ready for Christmas, and spending time with loved ones after my last show on December 8-11th.  So, please note that my shop is up-dated to include ready-to-ship items that can still make it in time for the holidays!!
Ok, off to the studio for the day I go- have a wonderful weekend (finally sunny out here- time to rake the leaves:).

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