Thursday, July 14, 2011

SF day 3 & 4

Highlight: Probably the biggest highlight and reason for my whole trip down to Renegade were meeting such great people:  Janine from Uppercase (who wrote a lovely post re: her Canadians that included yours truly!), Diana Fayt, Rae Dunn, and Sara Paloma.  All these women were so warm and friendly- and of course, seeing their work in person was so amazing! Really, the show was so well curated- I could have bought everything in that building and didn't leave empty handed!  A few trades, and some purchases were made!
Lowlights: It was tough to step away from the booth and see more of the show or meet more vendors.   It also seems like times are tougher and people weren't as ready to make purchases.  Since I shipped my best work out, and had a very limited amount of table space (the 8 ft table we had ordered ended up only being 6 ft), I didn't offer any 'seconds' or 'sales' as an incentive for people looking for less expensive items.  I also chose the items most sold off my Etsy site, which meant if someone was in the market for a bowl, platter or large vase of mine, I didn't have any available at the show.  It's so tricky to sort out what to ship, how much to ship, and a table display for ceramics when your shipping the work and relying on a friend's car and taxi's to transport it to and from the show...and then having to pack it up and ship it back home at the end of the show.  Amazingly enough, I had no breakages in transport- fingers crossed I'll have none on the way home too!

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krystal said...

I want to meet Diana, Rae & Sara! Sounds like, despite the awkwardness of travelling with breakables, you had a great show.

It's so exciting to see so many talented women in ceramics right now.