Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Snow Cone Magic

For the first time this summer we went to the Lonsdale Night Market.   Not too far from where we live, the weather out here has just not exhibited quite enough summer for us to really take advantage of these Markets until this past weekend.  The whole idea of Farmer's Markets and night markets with food vendors, live music and some artisan tables is really just starting to take hold out here.  I think it's a tough sell, if you are trying to sell handmade items at these events, since it seemed to me that most people were putting their money on a snow cone, fresh lemonade and a taco.  
So yes, we were all about the snow cones.  Oh, they were good.  I don't think I'd really had one with shaved ice before, especially considering the woman came down from Whistler and was using (by my prediction) fresh spring water for her ice.  Seriously, these were yummy.  And I'll be back for more, most likely also checking out the taco stand or the forno pizza (oh yes, street pizza- and I bet it was good!).

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Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog - two years later from the post date, but this little snow cone stand wants to say thank you for the kind words. We're still set up on Fridays for the North Shore Night Market, so stop by and say when you get a chance.