Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SF day 2

Highlights: finding the Curiosity Shoppe and Paxton Gate (they didn't allow photos but you can find a few on this blog post from 2009), shopping and having drinks and lunch with Claire and Grace, my lovely Vancouver studio buddies, checking out the view as we rode a bus up to Haight-Ashbury.

Lowlights: both Grace and I feeling unwell- me in the morning, Grace in the afternoon (the water?  wacky eating schedules? catching a chill the night before?), waiting 2 hours longer then expected for our boxes of ceramics to arrive at our hotel, a really inebriated and rude man that came and sat beside us while we were having dinner...

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Nancy said...

Too bad about feeling unwell - I have to say that I felt unwell the one time I went to california, and I thought it might be the water or're the first person who has every thought that was plausible. So thanks :) Sounds like a great time overall!