Tuesday, March 29, 2011

canister love


I was pretty excited about doing some thrift-store shopping while on Vancouver Island.  Not only are there tons of thrift stores to check out, the prices are really reasonable.  At this point it's all about exercising a little control.  There was much more I would have liked to have brought home with me, but our house is pretty little and I don't plan on opening a vintage Etsy shop any time soon.  Anyways, I did bring a couple of things home with me that I wanted to share with you here.  I'll start with the tea and coffee canisters that I picked up.  As you can see, they go perfectly on my counter.  In fact it's a little hard to decide where the yellow begins and ends. 
If we owned this house it would be hard to know what to do about this kitchen.  It's really cute as it is, but it's badly laid out, has no dishwasher:(, and has a very small and cramped space for a kitchen table.  The flooring got re-done a few years ago by my well-meaning landlord, so it's not as 'retro' as it should be given the colour of the counter and the tiles.  Oh, but the tiles!  I mean, how great are they?? I just take one look at the tiles and the other annoyances I have about our kitchen are gone. 


kickpleat said...

wow, i'm totally jealous of your kitchen tiles. Totally adorable!

natalia Carlota vallejos said...

too much!!!

Anne Magee said...

Oh, I love to go thrifting! Those canisters are great!