Monday, March 28, 2011

shades of green

I could not pass up Mr. Gumball at the thrift store on the Island for $2.  Complete with green eyes- most likely a grade 10 woodworking project.  Just turn the nose and a gumball comes out of his mouth.
Some other photos I took while on Vancouver Island. Lots of moss and greens everywhere we look.  Reminded me that I need to make some more green glaze tests and expand my green glaze options.  

I'm only back in the studio for a couple of days before our extended family takes off on our big 'Dahliday'.  All 16 of us are embarking on a 'right of passage' for the kids, so to speak.  Heading over to 'D-land'.  It's something the grandparents have been planning and saving for for a long time, to take the whole family on a holiday.  The grand-kids are all the perfect ages- between 7-16 years of age, with some aunties and uncles sans kids to help out if need be.  So we are going to brave the rides and parades, despite it not being entirely 'my kind of thing', and I'm quite sure that in the end it will be some fun.  I'll be preparing some posts this week with some more Island pics, but just so you know, my shop and up-dates work-wise won't be in full swing until next week, after I've recovered from 2 weeks of spring break and 1 week of Disney. 


Jessi said...

such pretty pictures!

Stephanie R. said...

lovely photos! and i LOVE mr. gumball!