Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring chicks & baby kittens

My 'new' orange clogs that I found at the thrift store are proving to be the perfect slip-on shoe to be out in the yard with.  Our miniature daffodils are blooming and the new baby chicks have arrived at Dean's folk's place. 
And which kitten would you choose to take home?  Our neighbours cat had 3 kittens on February 14th and we've been patiently waiting to have a new kitty in our home since our cat of 14 years had to be put down last June.  Sasha and I are partial to the grey one, Johnny the one with the black head and Dean the one with the orange flecks.  They are so tiny and won't be able to go to new homes for a little bit yet.  Lots of time to decide...

1 comment:

Kristina said...

I'm jealous of your spring!

I vote for the 3rd kitten, with the orange flecks. Aw! Kittens!