Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pen & Ink

Here are some more glimpses into the past with some photos of notebooks that once belonged to Dean's Grandparents.  Mostly in german and almost illegible, there is such a beautiful flow to the letters and numbers.  This last image with all the numbers is actually music notations with the words to old hymns in German.  It has inspired me to dig around in my supplies cupboard for my old nibs and ink again. 
I know there are a number of very talented artists using calligraphy and pen & ink these days.  Here are just a couple that I've found recently:
I just remembered that there is also a great article with some other calligrapher's in the new Uppercase Magazine...


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becka said...

I lobe the musical notation! What an awesome gift to have these, I wish my hand was as even and steady as that!