Sunday, June 7, 2009

A trip to the Z-O-O!

After a crazy week of cramming in as much studio time to get work out (my excuse for not blogging much this past week too), I figured my family deserved some devoted time from me this weekend. I took the boys out to the Z-O-O as Sasha likes to spell it out. My favourite parts were when the boys got to touch the Giraffes, and getting right up close to an Owl and Falcon.

I'm not a huge proponent of the concept of Zoos. It always disturbs me to think about these wild animals in captivity their whole life, however I do think there are some Zoos that are able to develop more 'natural' habitats for their animals and the Greater Vancouver Zoo definitely has some of that going on. It's a large chunk of land and for the most part, the animals have a wide area in which to roam and graze on. It's a little hard to see them unless it's feeding time, but it is good to see the animals have a little more space then some of the smaller city zoos. I know a lot of cities are slowly shutting down their Zoos as their animals get older and pass away. I hope that our visits to a place like the Zoo would inspire my kids to become conservationists of wild animals and their natural habitat that is slowly dwindling away. These animals are so amazing and my kids were so inspired so that was pretty cool!

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