Monday, February 20, 2012

I have a lot on my plate

Just to let you know that the last of this small plate series I made last year is available on Etsy here.  It's my favourite of the bunch and hopefully I'll have more time to sort through some of these designs soon again. 

On my plate these days:
-upload the new images from this past November's photoshoot up on my Website
-finish up filming for the small 'how my work gets made' video (almost done!)
-finish up a line sheet for 2012 so I can respond to shop inquiries properly
-finish up tax stuff for 2011
-finish up shop orders for the Gardiner Museum Gift Shop, the Gallery of BC Ceramics, Coal Harbour Florist, and the UBC Botanical Garden Gift Shop...
-plan 2 weeks of Spring Break in the middle of March for my boys
-sort out transportation to NCECA 
-plan/make work for up-coming exhibit with Krystal Speck at bookhou in June
-work on a presentation of my work and process for the Gardiner Museum Gift Shop in June
-plan a studio sale for the spring

-not to mention the obvious pick up boys from school, make dinner, do laundry, plan things around Dean's work schedule etc.

So many exciting things in the works, so little time to make them all happen. 


Nat said...

Beautiful products!

krystal said...

Wow nelly! But you know what, all those things are gonna get done because I think you might be wonder woman. xo