Friday, February 10, 2012

Back to winter

We had moments early this week when I thought winter had passed and we were now onto spring.  It's ok, Spring will be upon us in record time once again.  Here we are nearly mid-February and I have so many projects that have just gotten started or I'm in the middle of.  I like starting things and I really like finishing things, not quite as much this middle ground.  I continually feel as though I'd like to be ahead of the game instead of always feeling behind.  So I'll be busy this weekend, trying to wrap up some of the exciting things going on so I can start sharing them here.
Thanks for stopping in this week! My facebook page has been a real source of encouragement for me this week- friends of ours were in NYC and stopped by one of the Anthropologie stores to snap a photo of my vases.  They look so amazing set up in this beautiful cabinet highlighting other products of similar colour-ways.  Seriously, their shop design team really knows how to put it together!  Made me want to take the red-eye to New York this weekend to check it out in person...
Have a great weekend!

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