Thursday, February 23, 2012

Approaching Spring

We've got all the signs of spring starting early except for a prediction of snow on Saturday.  Just in time for our Sasha's 8th Birthday.  I decided not to do a home party this year- this weather is just too random and unpredictable.  Furthermore I wasn't prepared to have ten 8 & 9 year olds running a muck in my house.  With a recent play-date involving one boy helping himself to matches that we have 'safely' hidden in a cupboard, I'm not willing to risk what would happen if 10 inquisitive and mischievious boys showed up.  Oi.  So yes, a swimming party it will be.  Not nearly as creative as past years, but oh well.  If it does end up snowing I'll be so relieved we made other plans!


Kristi said...

Cherry blossoms out!!! How exciting. I must go find them. When I was a child on the prairies I lived for the first sign of wild crocuses and pussy is it the cherry blossoms that hearld the coming of spring.

Luíza Melo said...

oh! eu fico sempre feliz quando vejo um arco-íris mesmo que seja em foto =D