Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mountain top wedding

Ok so I have seen a few phenomenal-looking weddings on photography blogs and websites before.  You know, amazing photographers with stunning photos of over-the-top gorgeous brides in stunning settings
Well we pretty much checked it all off the list with this one. Mountain top resort: check.  Gondola ride for the guests, checking out the resident Grizzly Bear below as we head up to the top: check. Stunning bride with amazing dress and veil arriving in a helicopter!!: check.  Ice-wine martinis and appies on the patio overlooking a 360 degree view at 8000 ft.: check.  Ok that's probably enough of a check-list, but needless to say, we had quite an amazing time at the wedding of one of Dean's former skate club kids.  Dean even got a temporary permit to perform the wedding ceremony so it was pretty special.  And we got to hang out with some friends from Calgary who also left their boys home with the grandparents.  So, yes.  Good memories for sure!

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