Friday, September 2, 2011

Embracing the gold within

Just in time for the golden hues of fall, I'm  managing to embrace this colour with a few finds from the thrift shop.  I couldn't resist the sunny pattern of this enamel plate, which fits rather well into our kitchen.  It's one of those things about our place that I wouldn't change even if I owned the house... our kitchen, that is.  Albeit an odd layout, with a very small eating area, I love the cheeriness of the tiles and golden counter.  I'm sure I would have cringed at this colour in the 80's but I can't quite seem to get enough of it now!  So much that I also bought this blanket for the kids bed.  Whenever I look at it I think of a summer cabin- it kind of has that feel and look to it, like it belongs in someone's cabin.  
Perhaps it's because it's mis-matched and a bit odd. 

Well, here's to the weekend- the long weekend!  School starts next week and I have a bit more to do to get the boys ready, lots more to work on in the studio and I'll be saying 'goodbye' to Sarah, my summer studio intern.  I'm sad to see her head back to school- she's been amazing in the studio with me this summer!  Her enthusiasm and hard work has made this massive undertaking all the more do-able.  I really couldn't have asked for a better assistant for the summer and wish her all the best this year at school. She's got big plans for her career: with her hard-work, attitude and talent, I have no doubt she'll make it happen! 

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