Sunday, October 2, 2011

A day of design

I managed to get to a 'design double feature' on Saturday with Amy- we attended IDS West and then headed over to Anthropologie for the Design*Sponge book launch.  It made for a great afternoon and evening- apparently we weren't the only one's who's schedule managed to fit in both too- Janis from Pinecone Camp has some amazing photos of both events on her blog!

There were some booths that stood out to me- if you click on the photos it will link you to their websites (except for the 6th image, which I forgot to get a card from).  It was also nice to meet Zoe from Fleet Design, a ceramic artist here in the city who's path I hadn't come across yet, while also checking out a couple of furniture designers who have studios upstairs in the building from me: Kurve Studio, by Enrico Konig and Kurt Dexel. 

The Design*Sponge book launch was also a good evening connecting with people as well.  I did manage to get my book signed by Grace herself and highly recommend the book!  I ran into the duo behind Banquet who design such lovely prints, stationary and other paper goods- there really are a lot of talented people here in Vancouver!  Too many to mention without sounding like I'm name dropping- when really it was just lovely to meet them all.  It's not very often that I get out to these events with life and family and the studio keeping me so busy.  It reminded me that my 'role' as an artist and maker is more then just making and then selling my work- it's also connecting, not only with customers, but with other makers, designers, artist, photographers, and bloggers.

This week my big shipment of work leaves the studio- the packing is almost complete! I can't wait to have my studio back to 'normal'.  I'm also looking forward to taking much of Thanksgiving weekend off to celebrate birthdays and our anniversary, along with spending time with family! 

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Coco Cake Land said...

ah heather, i was there too! i brought a pink fluffy dog cake... i couldn't stay long though, but i also managed to pick up a copy of the book! ^__^