Thursday, February 3, 2011

We are off to Vernon to visit friends for a few days and I was quickly trying to organize all this art supplies, gathering some of the doubles of stuff I already have for the little girls we are going to visit and also trying to take  a few photos.  Well, Amber has decided she really likes to be where the action is, in the center of attention.  So the minute the camera came out, so did she, looking all poised and pretty with her 'white boots and scarf'. 
I'll be back here next week- hopefully the roads are good for us! We are looking forward to some good time up on the mountain skiing and snowboarding! H.


tori lynn dickson said...

She's beautiful. My cat likes to be in the action too. He'll sit right on whatever i'm doing and look up at me and purr. It's hard to get mad.

dahlhaus said...

It gets a little frustrating when I'm actually trying to work on the computer and she'll come and sit right on top of the keyboard, but otherwise, I'm usually quite glad she wants to be around!