Friday, February 18, 2011

New collages

I'm off to unload my kilns and will hopefully have some lovely new ceramics to show you here next week and to up-date my shop with! 
In the meantime, I thought I'd show you some of the little collages I've been working on in the evenings when the boys are put to bed.  I received a few new inks and nibs, got some new washi tape in the mail this week, and have found a use for some of the sun prints that I made with the boys last summer.  I also had picked up some vintage stamps at a craft sale (can't remember who I got them from, sorry) that had bird and flower themes so those have been fun to experiment with.  I had bought some Daler Rowney heavy weight paper at the Art Supply store and it's amazing for drawing and painting and gluing papers on.  Doesn't curl up at all.  Also amazing for pen and ink, which is want the pine needle was drawn in.  Along with some new lino stamps I had carved and the blue and white patterns from the insides of old envelopes, I just had some fun with these and am looking forward to making more.  Sometimes when paintings just seem a bit too daunting, it's kind of nice to work small and on a collage.
Have a happy weekend! 


Unknown said...

These are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I've got to do some paint collaging soon, or what other people might call doodling.

Liliart said...

Congratulations for your work!! I really love it!

ang design said...

very cool! its nice to mix it up with other mediums eh :))