Tuesday, February 8, 2011

House in the Woods

Here's a little glimpse of the house in the woods up in Vernon.  We visit our friends Marvin and Jenny with their 2 daughters that are the same ages as our boys.  They bought their home about 9 years ago and who have slowly, but surely, added their own personal touches to the home, renovating as they were able to.  It's a great house, with lots of views and windows to the woods outside, lovely high beams in the living room/kitchen area and their use of wood throughout is amazing.  Their table and benches and coffee table were made and constructed by Marvin by wood they had on the property and got from the neighbour.  Last year they renovated the upstairs and used another piece of thick wood for the counter-tops.  The bamboo floors throughout the upstairs balance out the dark wood of the walls and ceilings which were original to the home.  The new wood stove keeps the whole upstairs warm all winter long!  There is no shortage of wood in the interior these days.  With the pine beetle killing some of the trees on their property and around it, they have plenty of wood to warm their house, while also using the wood for their trim and furniture.  It's a very warm and cozy place- we feel so blessed to be house guests a couple of times a year to enjoy the place with them!


Stephanie R. said...

swoon! how lovely!

kickpleat said...

oh my goodness, that is such a beautiful house! lovely place for a getaway :)