Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Collection: Paint Brushes

A curious collection of paint brushes that were passed on to me leaving me wondering what they were used for.
On the topic of my newly inherited collection of art supplies, I wrote another guest post on the Sycamore Street Press blog about my 5 favorite 'hand-me-downs'

This interview makes me want to move to Berlin to find an apartment with beautiful wood floors.  I also love her idea of a Bread Exchange!
Speaking of bread- I visited Fredi Rahn at her home and studio on Friday.  Between being a potter, instructor and parent, she's been hosting bread making classes in her home along with making earthenware 'cloches' that act like a hearth-style oven in a regular oven.
Back to the Freunde von Freunde website (found via all the mountains)- my german is quite rusty, but their interviews and images of amazing spaces, art and studios are seriously inspiring.

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