Friday, November 12, 2010

Winter Wreath

 A few weeks ago I found an old atlas at the thrift store and the other day I thought I'd make some ornaments out of them.  What started out as an ornament quickly grew into a wreath idea, although you could just as easily hang this kind of like bunting. It's the kind of project that was easy to do with the boys the other day- Sasha just loves using my paper cutter and all the bits of double-sided tape were right up his alley too.  And really, outside of some paper scraps, it's super quick to clean up.
So here's the idea, you cut some pretty paper, preferably with a pattern on both sides into 1/2 inch strips, about 10" in length.  You need some double-sided tape or little glue tabs and that's it for materials.  I'll let Sasha walk you through the next little bit:

Ok did you catch that?  A little double sided tape in the middle of one strip, add another at a cross, repeat with the tape so you end up with a star (4 strips).  Fold over the bottom strip and connect the ends, and then fold over the opposite side and add your tape on each end.  For this project do the same to the other side but the opposite way around.  Now make another one of these, but after you've connected the first two strips, connect the next two to the inside of the first loops you made.  Keep on going until the very end.  The connection seems to be a little stronger when it's looped in like this. And as for hanging it on the inside of a door or on a wall, I used the double sided tape to keep it a little rounder, although here's hoping that it won't peel off the paint when it's all said and done.  

Of course you could just make ornaments or bows for presents.  Whatever suits you!

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