Thursday, November 4, 2010

Forgotten Stripes

I had forgotten that I've made striped pots before.  The brain is interesting that way, you have an idea, you try it, you move on and then you somehow come back full circle to that idea without being fully conscious of it.  
A few months ago I visited a friend at her place and she served me tea in an old teapot of mine.   Circa 2004?  maybe 2005?  Well, I really did like the pot at the time, I still like the pot, except for the wimpy handle. But isn't that spout cute?  
Anyways, I took photos of the pots, thinking that someday I'd show some of my old work on my blog, and that how 6 years later, someone is still serving tea out of my teapot (now that's an investment!) and then I forgot about it.  Until this morning, when I started glancing through my image files.  With all the striped love you've been showing me, dear readers, I thought I'd show you my first striped pot.  Well might have been my first striped pot.  There might be another one out there in the world that I don't remember about.


jan said...

Interesting how things evolve. And that spout is super-cute!

dahlhaus said...

Thanks Jan, yes it is interesting to see old work and compare it to new work!

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

I love all the stripes on these older creations and your new ones! So lovely.