Sunday, November 7, 2010

Burlap find

Dean and I were at the cafe having our weekly coffee and croissant date and I noticed a pile of burlap coffee sacks in the back room.  Casually asking what they do with the sacks, the barista informed me that they just throw them out!  Well, of course, I get kind of excited- ooo, can I take a few off your hands?  and my head starts spinning about what I could make with coffee sacks, since burlap is kind of 'in' right now.  Sure enough I get about 5 great sacks to bring home- with spray-painted letters and lines and logos of coffee companies all over the world.  Loving it!  Thinking about wrapping a few around canvas frames for some 'art' or even around a needlepoint frame and doing some cross-stitch into it for fun.  Then I start wondering if there are other shops on Etsy that are have come up with some creative solutions with burlap coffee sacks, and sure enough, there are!  I don't have a sewing machine at the moment, but was loving their ideas for re-using coffee sacks, and not having them end up in the landfill.
In order as they appear:
5 Pocket Organizer by mcldrygoods on Etsy
California Coffee Sack Pillow by shawnee23 on Etsy
Coffee Tote by ShaggyBaggy on Etsy
Coffee Bag Laptop Case by labudde on Etsy

Thank you everyone who has come by my blog in recent days to enter the give-a-way, which is on for a couple more days!  It's really great to hear which collection you like and why!

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