Friday, July 27, 2012

hello espresso!

I am not an espresso drinker- I'm more of a latte lover, where as Dean (my guy) loves his espresso.  A number of years ago I started working on espresso cups and saucers for Dean's sake coming up with more non-floral glaze ideas for my espresso cups that suited him more then myself. 
This latest set that I pulled out of the kiln recently was a special request for a wedding gift.  The glaze combination was one I hadn't attempted yet and I think it's really quite sweet!  Dean gave his nod of approval on the size, shape, and handle combo- he's kind of my espresso cup and saucer critique go-to.  At least he certainly has his share of opinions;)!  Here are some of my other attempts at espresso cups in years gone by...

Espresso but no saucers and too small handles 2009
 an attempt at espresso, but apparently way too big- this is more of a latte... (2010)
these were made for my recent blue & white show- I say espresso, he says cappuccino (2012)

Apparently a true espresso cup needs to be white on the inside.  I, however, prefer the palest blue- not only do I know this glaze well enough that it shouldn't craze over time, but I think pure white looks a little cold or maybe would look too manufactured or something.
 Also handles are kind of tricky on such a short and small shape that has to nestle on top of a saucer.  Clearly there needs to be enough room between the handle and the saucer, but also there needs to be enough room (I think) for a finger to get in the hole.  I have small hands, so my fingers fit in a lot of handles that Dean's don't.
And then there is the shape of the mug part.  Retaining heat is important.  So not too wide at the top.  At the same time, someone needs to be able to drink out of the opening. Super small openings don't lend themselves well to drinking out of.  So I always get a bit torn with how wide to leave the opening. 
One day I will hopefully get all the elements right- creating the quintessential espresso cup and saucer! In the meantime, I'm always glad for the opportunity to get back to the drawing board, making a very few at a time and seeing what true espresso lovers think.  It's a good challenge, trying to make the most particular espresso drinker enjoy their espresso that much more!

Hope you have a great weekend! It's been great to have everyone comment and share on my blog recently- I'm so thrilled when a good multi-sided conversation can exist around the business and practice of making art full-time.  It's also great to have people from all over the world pipe in and share their experiences from their own country. Clearly the medium that joins us is a love of clay- this translates in any language and culture!  So thank you for being part of this place!

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Nancy said...

Heather, you've inspired me to have espresso this morning in my custom-made cups :)