Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Glimpses of new

I just got some of the proofs of the photos Curtis took with me in the studio the other day!  We always seem to take one photo by accident with my hand or head half in the photo, making last-minute adjustments, but I kind of like that.  There's something about my hand being there that brings it back to being hand-made. 

Some day I hope to do a styled photo session, but for now, the simple grey backdrop accurately represents the work and documents.  I can't stress enough to people who are just starting out in their careers how important good photographs are.  At the same time, I sometimes see amazing photographs of work out there and then am disappointed when it comes to seeing and handling the work in real life.  So when I get feedback from people who tell me that my work is better in person then in my photos, then the compliment means so much more!

I have a small selection of new work that is now available in my shop here, and a little bit available on my Etsy shop.  I can no longer guarantee that it arrive outside of Canada in time for Christmas, although if you want a gift receipt to include in a card or want to bump up your shipping to courier service, just send me an email or convo.  I won't be doing a proper 'launch' of new work on my website until the new year so stay tuned for that!

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