Wednesday, August 10, 2011

East Van Skateboarding talent

While we're away, I thought I would share one of the skate videos that Dean's van full of skaters (ages 13-19, plus 2 adult leaders) created while they were at 'Roadrage' Skate Camp last week.  Dean (my husband) has been running a skateboard club for teens in East Van for about 12 years now and also heads up a camp that's been happening for about 15 years.  At first the SkateCamp was at a regular summer camp, but they would build ramps for the kids to skate for the week.  The past few years they've done a road-trip style SkateCamp, where they've met with Skate Clubs from all over Western Canada in the Okanagan for an 'Amazing Race' style trip for Skateboarders, with a manifest that they had to fill out by landing tricks at certain spots etc.  This year each van had to film a skate video throughout the week and then they rented out a theatre to watch the videos, with the best video winning a 'van-full' of skate product (with 2nd & 3rd place also winning prizes too!).  So bear with me and check the video out- it's not just a bunch of skate tricks.  By the way, they one first place :)!


Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

What a cool thing to be involved with!

Lisa Ochowycz said...

Very cool! Included in my alter-ego...The ability to skateboard.