Monday, June 6, 2011

Fun Finds for Birthdays

I got lucky at a garage sale on Saturday and found some fun 'props' for the ninja party I was putting on for Johnny this weekend.  It's too bad I didn't find film in time for the polaroid camera I bought (simply for looks in this case), but the typewriter was the perfect thing for the kids to 'register' themselves for 'ninja training school', aka backyard obstacle course and party games.  The origami stars made a fun craft, although I had pre-folded some of the papers for kids that were really having trouble with the instructions.  They were supposed to be like 'throwing stars'... but apparently real ninja throwing stars only have 3 points, as one of the kids so kindly pointed out. 

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Stina G said...

What a pretty (yet boyish) set up! Love it!