Thursday, June 16, 2011


Oh dear.  No, that did not end well.  Not for the Canucks and not for Vancouver!  Shame on the rioters who made Vancouver fans look like such terrible losers.  My apologies on behalf of most of the people I know who watched on the TV in shock and horror.  Stupid is what stupid does...

Ok, we will most certainly move on to things a much more positive note.  I, for one, am not going to waste any more time on a hockey game then I need to.  Now to the matters at hand: the give-a-way!

So I spent a good long time sorting out comments, adding a few numbers for those of you who were so kind to 'like' me on facebook or become a follower and only used one comment box.  And wow, it really added up (242 comments)! Thank you kindly for such a warm response!  It was so nice to hear from all of you.
Once I got all the numbers sorted out, I put those into  I decided to divey the numbers up into 3 groups and pick 1 from each section this time.  Just because it gives you all a little more of a chance...

Ok winners are:  Anna Blair (71), Dolan Geiman (104) and Tiffany (213)!!!  Congrats to all of you!
Please email me ( with your contact info and a vase colour preference- I'll try to keep things fair so if you could put choice colour #1 and #2 I'll do my best!  Unfortunately there is a Canada Post strike on this week that is supposed to be over by next week.  Either way I'll try to send it off early next week for you!

Hope you have a great day! 

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