Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A few booth Pics...

Now that my faith in humanity is restored by the safe return of my camera, I wanted to post a few pics of my booth from the Portobello West Calgary Market this past weekend. Spot-lights and poor indoor lighting are making my colours off, but you get the idea. The one thing I realized is how one's booth set-up can be effected by your neighbour's booth more than you may expect. Unfortunately, I had a really tall wall blocking the view of my booth on the one side of me and on the other, an extended clothing rack that further complicated the view into my booth if you came in from that direction. So some good learning on my part since most of my shows in ceramics have been just on one table and not a whole booth. On the whole it was a good experience to be in a new city and reach a different audience with my work. A show in a different city is a big investment for someone like myself, and while sometimes the 'pay-off' isn't immediate, it is an important step in broadening one's market and scope.

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