Tuesday, September 16, 2008

'Poppy talk'...

It's as though someone took a poppy pod full of seeds and shook it out over my studio these days, cause nearly everything at the studio has a poppy on it! It feels as though I've abandoned all other ideas for this one, and maybe that's not so bad for a time. You know when you got something worth pursuing when they keep flying off the shelves and it's all people want! Not a bad problem to have as it certainly gives me a lot of encouragement to keep plugging along!
I'm off to the studio to plant some more poppies- Teapots today, and a jug and even a tea jar! Want to know where to get one? These ones are for my show next week (District Hall, North Vancouver, Sept 25th opening), although a few may be off to Winnipeg later in the week as well! I'm crossing my fingers they'll all turn out and grow where they are planted!

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