Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall news & ramblings

The light casting on the city was glorious last night so I brought my camera along on my nightly walk/bike ride with my boys around the block. These are a few of the shots I took. I've never been much of a photographer until this past year when I got my digital camera and now I really enjoy it.
I was just invited to do a solo exhibition at the BC Gallery of Ceramics next summer! I'm pretty excited about the opportunity they have given me to showcase my work but also am a little wide eyed at how much work I will have to produce to do the show. A stinkin' lot of pots, let's put it that way...
I was really sad to hear that a couple of the pots I mailed off last week didn't quite make it... So I sent out some replacements today but am really hoping the postal service is going to come through for me this time. I really thought I had the packing thing figured out- obviously I have a bit to learn, and once I talked with a few people who told me how boxes are handled by postal workers, my eyes were opened as to how much better I will have to pack things up!
Well, I'm off to the studio for the afternoon.

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