Thursday, March 22, 2012

A remarkable day

I've been expecting a phone call for the past couple of weeks with the news that my sister was in labour, but sorting out how I was going to get there in time to be part of this birth ended up requiring a float-plane ride over to the Island.  No complaints about that- it was a beautiful ride, especially with the excitement of knowing I'd be welcoming a new little soul into the world.
And he arrived- little Jacob William!  He's a beautiful, healthy brother for Oliver, who is just 2 years old now.  Pretty exciting! Now my sister and I both have 2 boys- our hands are full!  And of course, I just marvel at how amazing my sister looks post-birth.  She really is amazing!


SadieAnne said...

congrats on a new little nephew, Heather! That family photo is so beautiful and full of happiness.

amy h said...

Congratulations, auntie! What a lovely family.