Friday, March 2, 2012

The marvelous month of March

This month is going to be pretty exciting! My nephew, Oliver, turns 2 and my sister (his mom) is having another baby.  Oliver is so much fun these days and he absolutely loves playing with his cousins (my boys).  Sorry about the grainy photo, but I loved his little smiling eyes peering over the book while I was reading.   

On the home front, it looks like we'll be taking some serious vacation this month.  With the 3 day Teacher strike from Monday-Wednesday next week, an early dismissal on Thursday and then the boys being out for their 2 weeks of spring break starting the following week, my month has turned all wonky.  Especially considering that the last week in March is NCECA.  So I'm desperately attempting to finish up my glaze firings to get all the shop orders out by early next week so I can hunker down and not be stressed about it.  I hope to finish up other projects and non-ceramic related stuff this month while the studio sits idle.  It's going to be a bit hard to come back to it all in April and catch up...

Thanks for those of you who have stopped by my blog recently and commented!  I appreciate that a lot.  Sometimes I wonder why I blog and if it's redundant, but I realize that there are a whole bunch of reasons this space is important. 
Have a great weekend!

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ana isabel said...

Happy March! Hope you get lots of stuff done and enjoy your time with your kids!